Success Stories & Applications

Do Everything Mother Of 3

Do Everything Mother of 3One Woman Success StoryOwner: Leanne DouglasCompany: Sweet Tees and MoreAddress: 5147 US Hwy 98N Lakeland FLWebsite: 863-858-5423 Screen Printing, Embroidery, Vinyl and Transfers – Leanne Douglas moved...

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Why Haters Don’t Win and How to Tell if You Are One

What is a hater? While there are numerous ways to define this, for our purposes we’re defining it as a negative person. They’re always screaming victimhood. They get upset at other people’s success. They’re also focused on the negative aspects of their business. Think...

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Stephs Favorite Videos

Hello!My name is Stephanie and I am one of the people who help create all of the awesome videos for DigitalHeat FX. There are so many things we can do, I get excited just thinking of new ideas. Well, I wanted to share with you my favorite 3 videos (so far!)If you have...

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The Most Versatile T-Shirt Printing System

We are excited to show you the versatility of the Digital HeatFX. In just a few quick prints we created a T-shirt but also a cap and a few surprises! Marc begins by showing the Digital HeatFX system and then sends art to the printer. Watch how it comes out ready with...

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The Paper Savers Club

Club Membership is Your Investment In Savings The Paper Savers Club from Digital Heat FX is like investing in your own business savings plan.  It’s a new “membership” plan that gives you exclusive access to savings that will help grow your business. Applying for...

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