Navigating the World of White Toner Printers for T-Shirts in 2024 | DigitalHeat FX  

White toner printers are the most versatile printers in the industry. Using these printers, a ton of small businesses print and sell custom t-shirts. There are a variety of available models that all have major differences. Even though a printer can be successful, the right printer will supercharge business. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most popular lines of white toner printers for t-shirts: DigitalHeat FX.

A Quick Breakdown

Each of the DigitalHeat FX line of printers helps businesses succeed every day. To find that success, it’s important to identify the unique features of each of these printers. Here is a snapshot of each model of DigitalHeat FX printer.

The DigitalHeat FX 8432 can: 

The Right Business for the Right Printer

These printers power businesses across the country, but the decision isn’t a one-size-fits-all. It takes a business plan and vision to see where the right printer fits. Depending on the focus of your business, here’s where each of the DigitalHeat FX printers may fit:

The DigitalHeat FX i560 can work with a variety of transfer papers. These transfer papers make customizing t-shirts extremely easy.

The i560 also has the benefit of specialty toners. These toners allow for printing fluorescent designs like glow-in-the-dark shirts. The same flexibility applies to printing with clear toner. Clear toner is key for spot satin gloss finishes. Gloss finishes are important when creating depth and contrast in prints. It even opens the door to printing glitter t-shirts using the DigitalHeat FX i560.

With special sublimation toners, the i560 can even work as a sublimation printer. So not only does this printer have the normal white toner benefits, but it can also even sublimate. This makes the DigitalHeat FX i560 a versatile tool for any business. This printer is a budget-conscious option that can still compete with the big leagues.

The DigitalHeat FX i650 is the bigger brother of the i560. That same versatility and opportunity is in a more powerful package.

To start, this printer has those same specialty toners available with the i560. That means this printer can print with sublimation, fluorescent, and clear toner. Combine that opportunity with a larger print size at 11″ x 17″ and faster print speeds and you’ve got a powerhouse machine by your side.

So, the i650 is more powerful while keeping that same versatility. To top it off, toner cartridges are more plentiful with this printer. This keeps the costs of printing lower and saves you money in the long run. If you want the most opportunity with better quality, choose the DigitalHeat FX i650.

The DigitalHeat FX 8432 is one of the most popular printers for businesses. The reason is because of top-of-the-line printing technology from our partners at Crio. This printer provides professional quality in a desktop-style printer.

First things first, the DigitalHeat FX 8432 matches the i650’s 11″ x 17″ print size. That print size allows the same freedom on single transfers or small design gang sheets. The premium print quality comes from the proColor toner. This toner is key to creating vibrant finished prints on every transfer.

Crio’s powerful technology, combined with print quality enhanced by proColor toner, equals success. This printer is a compact powerhouse that can fit into any business, no matter the scope. If you’re looking for a consistent professional printer trusted by the industry, choose the DigitalHeat FX 8432.

The DigitalHeat FX 9541 is more powerful than many white toner printers for printing t-shirts. This massive printer pushes business to new heights. The results speak for themselves. This printer has industry-leading print sizes. It also boasts the richest and fullest color of any other toner printer.

This printer provides a 13″ x 19″ print size, running larger than other models. This large print size means bigger designs or more room when printing gang sheets. When printing these designs, the 9541 can showcase its 5-color channel printing. Using 5 color channels means the richest blacks and brightest whites when printing.

The largest print sizes and the richest colors make this printer a no-brainer. If a business is after printing power and richer quality, then the DigitalHeat FX 9541 is for them.

The world of white toner printers for t-shirts has several paths to success. Any of the printers examined today are the key to starting a business. Whether pursuing quality, consistency, or just fitting within a budget, there is a printer for the job. Then, all it takes is a clear vision and action to lead that business into the future.

With DigitalHeat FX, high-quality transfers and effortless customization are a click away.

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