How To Make Custom Robes | DigitalHeat FX 8432 

Why Customize A Robe?

Nothing says comfort, style, and relaxation like a soft bathrobe. One-of-A-Kind personalized robes are a great way to market a brand, they are ideal for personalizing special events and make great gifts. There is no limitation to the types of customizations that can be placed on a robe. From logos to monograms and designs large and small custom bath robes give a layer of personalization and elegance anyone can enjoy.  

Types of Bathrobes

There are a variety of different types of robes, fabrics, and styles. Before choosing a robe to customize it is best to determine its purpose. Lightweight bamboo and cotton waffle robes might be better for lounging poolside. Heavier terry cloth or flannel robes are ideal after shower. Smooth and shiny silk or polyester robes are often used as dressing gowns. 

What Type of Robe Fabric can be customized?

Any fabric can be customized but when using a heat press it is important to understand the garment structure and the appropriate temperature to press. Delicate fabrics like chiffon, ninon, lace, and silk need to be pressed at a low temperature. Synthetic fibers like rayon, nylon and polyester will also require a lower temperature and longer pressing times. Not all heat presses are designed equal. Because certain fabrics require a lower temperature it is important to find a heat press that can sustain low temperatures. Example: The Hotronix Fusion-IQ Heat Press can sustain at temperature of 220 degrees, making it easy to press on some of the most delicate fabrics.  

Market For Customized Robes

Personalized bathrobes are the perfect addition to any customization business’ product line. Customized robes are a truly unique marketing promotional item for businesses trying to create brand awareness or an individual wanting to display a style statement. Trendy personalized bathrobes are an excellent option for companies or individuals who want to stand out dramatically increasing the visibility their brand or personality. 

Branded Logoed Robes

Logoed robes can be given away at tradeshows, helping business gain exposure. Company branded robes are ideal for work events, providing employees or clients with something thoughtful and useful. People enjoy receiving new things that they can use, especially if it carries a personal touch.  

Custom Branded Robes for Hotels and Resorts

Custom branded robes can speak volumes to hotel or resort guests and provide the establishment and opportunity to keep their brand front of mind during the experience. A branded robe speaks volumes to potential guests and enables the business to market their worth immediately.  

Personalized Robes

Personalized robes are great as gifts and perfect for special events like weddings, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries or during the holiday season. If there's someone special in your life who deserves a little recognition, a customized robe is a wonderful way to show them how much you truly care. 

Customized Bridesmaids Robes

Personalized wedding robes make for a thoughtful gift that can be worn again and again. Bridal party robes are great weather coordinated to match or individualized for each bridesmaid’s personality. 

Customized Mother’s Day Gift

Customized robes are a great way to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day.

Design Your Own Robe

Check out this detailed, step by step tutorial for customizing or personalizing any robe. 

Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Customize a Robe:

Step 1.  Decide where the design will be going on the robe. Once chosen, measure out the amount of area that is available. EX: left chest logos’ standard sizes are between three to four inches. 

Step 2. Create or purchase the design. Then, print out the transfer using the DigitalHeat FX 8432 White Toner Printer and the Silver Metallic EZ Peel Paper.  

Step 3. Once printed, marry the A and the B sheet from the Silver Metallic EZ Peel Paper to apply the polymer to the transfer. 

Step 4: After the marry, trim the transfer down to size using scissors or a rotary cutter for larger projects with multiple transfer sheets. 

Step 5: Place the robe onto the Hotronix Fusion IQ Heat Press with the customizable area on the platen and be sure to tuck any extra fabric under the press. 

Step 6: Place the transfer into the desired location and cover the robe with a flexible finishing sheet to prevent scorching of the sensitive fabrics. 

Step 7: Press the robe and transfer at 270 degrees for 30 seconds on a medium to high pressure. 

Step 8: Once pressing is finished, remove the robe from the platen and set on a hard surface to cool. 

Step 9: After cooling, the transfer should be could to the touch and can now be peeled using a slow, rolling motion. 

Step 10: Repeat steps 5 – 9 on any other area that needs to be customized. 

Step 11: Once all of the customizing is finished, the custom robe is complete! 

For more customization ideas using the DigitalHeat FX 8432 check out our recent tutorial on How to Customize Wooden Hangers.  

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