4 Reasons You Need a White Toner Printer

1. Versatility

The combination of white toner printing and the EZ Peel Transfer Paper in the DigitalHeat FX System is a powerful tool.

These technologies allow you to customize hard goods and soft surfaces like apparel.

The apparel and custom t-shirt industry is huge, but so are custom promotional products like mugs, tiles and keychains,

The polymer paper reacts with the toner to create extreme adhesion to a variety of substrates.

2. White Toner

Hence the name, white toner printers have white toner in them. The white toner is what makes these prints great for dark shirts.

The white toner layer is printed behind the color toner to make designs really pop.

This is unlike sublimation, where there is no white ink and you have to decorate white or light garments only! This is a huge advantage over your competition.

3. No Maintenance

Another advantage of the toner in this printer, is that means there is no ink. Liquid ink can be a problem causer.

When you use ink you have to run your machine daily to avoid clogging. Ink clogging destroys print heads and other pieces in the machine. Plus, liquid inks can just be messy and generally need a “dry time” once printed.

Toner doesn’t clog and doesn’t dry up! It’s virtually maintenance free. You can leave the machine turned off for weeks, come back and print right away.

This is a huge advantage to low production shops or for hobbyists who aren’t constantly printing.

4. Digital Printing

Digital Printing capabilities is what give white toner printing a big step up on vinyl cutters.
When you work with heat transfer vinyl, you are limited to vector images. You can’t do portraits or fade from one color to another.

Plus each color your design has you have to cut it and weed it and apply it. This layering can be so tedious.

The DigitalHeat FX System with the power of white toner printing, takes any design and prints out a transfer that is ready for application!