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Run your business
like a Pro

with the DigitalHeat FX
pro8432 apparel business

We make it easy and affordable with exclusive business bundles and unparalleled support.

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Run your business
like a Pro

with the
DigitalHeat FX
pro8432 apparel


We make it easy and affordable with exclusive business bundles and unparalleled support.

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Run your business like a pro with the DigitalHeat FX

We make it easy and affordable with exclusive business bundles and unparalleled support.

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Start quickly. Expand easily.

Deciding to start or expand your custom apparel business is incredibly exciting. But choosing the right equipment to run it? Cue overwhelm.

After 40 years in the industry, we should know. We’ve spent decades fine-tuning our machines and business systems. And we’re here to help you do the same.

We designed the DigitalHeat FX pro8432 to help you wow customers with high-quality images—without requiring a huge investment, lots of space, or steep learning curve.

Our exclusive business bundles make it even more affordable.

“Having ColDesi on your team is like having a silent business partner with lots of contacts, resources, and support”—Kathleen G.

We’ve helped 30,000 people start and expand their business. Will you be 30,001?

Exceptional Machines

The DigitalHeat FX pro8432 WT printer is designed for maximum efficiency and NO mess. Easily print vibrant images on light or dark materials. With no pre-treat spraying. And no weekly or monthly maintenance.

Unparalleled Support

 With 40 years of experience in the industry, we know exactly what it takes to get started. We offer exclusive business bundles and online training to ensure success from the start.

Affordable Prices

At 50% less than the cost of a direct to garment or screen printer, the DigitalHeat FX pro8432 WT printer lets you jumpstart your custom t-shirt or promotional products business without breaking your bank account.

2x your profits without working harder

Get your custom quote today.

Special financing available.

 With Print Optimizer RIP software, high-speed LED print engine and proColor®white toner, the OKI pro8432 WT printer lets you jumpstart or expand your custom apparel business faster.

    Print Faster

    Print full-color transfer sheets at a whopping 16 pages per minute (letter size) in high definition digital LED color. That’s 2x faster than the i550.

    Print Bigger

    A maximum paper size of 11” by 17” (Tablet Size) and high-resolution imaging of 1200 by 600 dots per inch. That’s 2x bigger than the i550.

    Print More

    ProColor® white toner lets you easily print vibrant full-color images for light and dark materials. No weeding required!

    “I totally stressed out over which machine and system to go with to grow my business. And I’m so glad I chose the Digital Heat FX bundle. Customers love all the color options, and that I can show them what a design looks like before actually printing it. Since choosing ColDesi and the Digital Heat FX system, we’ve TRIPLED our business profits.” —Eugene Rosalex

    The Digital HeatFX pro8432 is perfect for you if

    You’re a startup or small business

    and you want…


    The pro8432 WT printer’s upgraded LED engine churns out an astounding 16 A4 sheets a minute.

    That’s 2x faster than the Digital HeatFX i550.

    And with a maximum paper size of 11” by 17” it can print 2x bigger images.


    You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create stunning images.

    The pro8432’s Print Optimizer Software lets you do it in just a couple clicks.

    Meet the graphics software for non-graphics artists.


    At 50% less than the cost of direct to garment printers, the 8432 lets you print like a pro, without requiring a huge investment.

    Our exclusive business bundles make it even easier to get started and save.

    How It Works.


    Create a design in any graphics application you like—CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator. Or, bring your customer’s idea to life with their vector art design or clipart.


    Simply load your design into the Digital HeatFX’s RIP software and hit ‘Print’. No messy inks to clean up, no screens to wash, and no maintenance to do.


    Using the specially designed laser EZ Peel paper—our one-paper-fits-all solution—press the image onto your material with a heat press. Or send it off to a client who has their own heat press.

    “This was a substantial purchase for my business, so I spent a TON of time researching white-toner printers. I ultimately bought the Digital HeatFX OKI 8432 WT printer and a fusion heat press from ColDesi because they had the BEST options in terms of packages, supplies, and support that I could find. They’ve been my partner in success ever since!”

    Easily print stunning images—fast

    Upgraded LED engine

    Print high-quality images at a whopping 16 pages per minute in high definition digital LED color.

    Largest print area

    Offer customers large high-quality images for jackets and banners with a maximum print area of 11” by 17”.

    Print Optimizer Software

    Easily print high-quality images without prior knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator. No weeding necessary!

    ProColor®white toner

    Create stunning full-color images for light or dark materials.

    Maintenance free

    Because the pro8432 uses toner, not ink, there is no messy clean-up, no time-wasting maintenance.

    Zero setup time & full online training support

    Start making sales immediately with an easy setup—even for non-technophiles—and our online training.

    Tell me more about my DigitalHeat FX options!

    Special financing available.

    Dream it. Design it. Print it.

    Combine the pro8432 WT with our universal Laser EZ Peel Paper and
    Heat Press and open your business to a world of possibility.


    • leather
    • nylon
    • neoprene
    • non-woven material
    • ceramics
    • acrylics
    • glass
    • wood
    • metal


    • t-shirts
    • jackets
    • signs & displays
    • USB & cell phone cases
    • water bottles & mugs
    • canvas bags
    • koozies
    • sports equipment
    • much, much more

    Attract more business with ease

    Reduce waste, accelerate workflow, and wow customers

    16 A4 images/minute

    11” by 17” inches print area

    High definition print resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi

    Paper Sizes: Tray 1: A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5; Multi-purpose tray: A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, A6; Custom size up to 431.8mm

    Weight: 81 pounds (37 kg) approximate

    4 Color Channels (Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, White)

    proColor®white toner

    Print Optimizer RIP software

    Upgraded LED engine

    2-year on-site warranty

    Supercharge your business in 3 simple steps

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    Focus on your business knowing you’ve made the right decision.

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    Special financing available.

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