Financing Your Printer

Read below for benefits of financing.

Financing Options for your T-Shirt Printing Machine

If you’ve decided to purchase the DigitalHeat FX systems, we can help you move forward with financing.

But what if you don’t have all the money right now?

What do you do?

First, you can apply for financing right now.  Just click the button below and fill out our one-page application to get your answer back quickly.

Then, below we compare and contrast the many options out there, and give the top 10 reasons our financing process works best.

“Awesome ongoing support and training!” “Very quick to get back with me and help me with my design issue.” Thank you!

“Tim was great! ” “All of the tech support staff are so knowledgeable, courteous and respectful.” “They always get things solved for me.”

The Top Ten Benefits of Leasing

Of course, you could always approach your personal banker and ask him or her to investigate the DigitalHeat FX system and loan you the difference.  But how does that compare to other options?

Chances are a t-shirt printing machine is something they have never financed before.

Maybe you could spread out the purchase over two or three credit cards?  Even if one of them will give you a 0% interest rate for a limited period, what happens if you NEED your credit card?

A single missed payment could Jack Your Rate to the legal maximum. Yeouch!  That’s an Ok deal, but full of pitfalls.

And then, there’s Leasing.  But maybe you’ve heard people talk bad about it, and others complain about something that happened to them in the past.

Here’s the thing. Most of the troubled stories surrounding leasing are tied to an industry that already has a trust issue. Car Sales.

Luckily, there’s a HUGE difference between DigitalHeat FX Leasing and Vehicle Leasing. Here we’ll lay out some of the benefits of DigitalHeat FX Leasing compared to Vehicle Leasing.

You’ll see the Top Ten reasons why Leasing your t-shirt printing machine is the best and most flexible way to use someone else’s dollars to achieve YOUR business dreams.

The first thing to realize is that unlike a vehicle which almost never MAKES you money, DigitalHeat FX Equipment can generate HUGH $$$. In fact, your equipment can generate an entire livelihood not only for you but for your whole family for generations to come.

Your printer is your right to enjoy the American Dream of being a self-made business owner.

The kind of leasing we offer provides flexibility and protection against technological obsolescence as well. It allows your company to match cash outflow with revenue production better.  It Keeps your money in the bank for Cost of Goods.

DigitalHeat FX leasing also conserves valuable working capital and your bank lines. You can still make big purchases because the lease often doesn’t show up on credit reports.

And, it’s efficient, convenient, and allows for more than 100% financing. But don’t just take my word for it.  Any reputable t-shirt printing machine leasing source should have excellent references of previously happy customers.

We can’t guarantee you’ll get financed, of course. You still need to have decent credit, but there’s a better chance for you to get started with leasing – because if you don’t try now, you’ll probably never get started.

Top Ten Reasons for Financing DigitalHeat FX by Leasing

1. Purchasing Power – Equipment lease financing allows you to acquire more equipment than with other financing methods and can give you access to higher-end equipment.

2. Balance Sheet Management – Certain types of leases can help you better manage your balance sheet, which can improve your overall financial picture. Preserve your operating capital by freeing up working capital and bank credit lines.  Use them for inventory, emergencies, or expansion.

3. More than 100 Percent Financing – With equipment leasing, there is often no down payment.  Plus you can finance things like shipping, delivery, and other equipment or accessories you may need with your t-shirt printing machine. Plus, the term of the lease can be matched to the useful life of the equipment.

4. Asset Management – A lease gives you use of the equipment for specific periods of time at fixed payments. It assumes and manages the risks of equipment ownership. At the end of the lease, you can either buy the equipment (often for $1) or get rid of it.  There are no mileage charges, etc.

5. Service Additions – You can also choose to structure your lease to include installation, maintenance, and other services if needed.

6. Tax Treatment – Leasing also gives you the ability to deduct 100 percent of the lease payment as a business expense.

7. Upgraded Technology – Leasing provides companies with the ability to keep pace with technology. The lessee can update or add equipment to meet ever-changing needs.

8. Specialized Assistance – Lessors are specialists in equipment leasing and financing, and understand capital equipment markets.

9. Flexibility – There are a variety of leasing products available, allowing the lessee to customize a program to address needs and requirements – cash flow, budget, transaction structure, cyclical fluctuations, etc.

10. A Proven Option – Over 30 percent of all capital equipment in the United States is acquired through leasing.

“Allen provided wonderful technical support and walked us through several tests to help diagnose the problem.” “Once discovered, he provided clear instructions, and our problem is no more!”

“Very easy purchase experience and excellent customer service.”

“Tracy was absolutely amazing!” Never gave up on me and did everything possible to make sure I was getting the best deal she could give me! Luis is also very nice and professional talked me through what to expect when the printer gets here. All in all one of the better experiences I have had with a sales Team! Also, want to thank Tracy’s manager for being understanding and holding the printer for us. Can’t wait for the next order very soon.”

In fact, 8 out of 10 companies finance some of their equipment.

Vehicle Leasing is mainly different because cars are a severely depreciating asset.  They are also highly susceptible to damage, and variable wear and tear associated with driving. Compare this to the DigitalHeat FX system with the OKI white toner laser printer, where the machine is paying you back the first month you make a sale.