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    White Toner Transfer Paper(s) Are The Best Choice

    Transfers are the best they’ve ever been because of the new white toner transfer papers that are available now. Your prints can be more versatile, and the materials you can work with more diverse.  All while you are getting your work done work faster than ever.

    Whatever may have been holding you back from working with transfers has probably changed.  Your business can easily benefit from this revolutionary change to the heat transfer world with the new white toner transfer paper(s) and the white toner printers.

    What's So Different About White Toner Transfer Paper?

    Transfers are some of the oldest ways people have created prints. The first books ever printed were by carving wood and transferring ink from the wood to paper. As time moved on, printing moved to use screens, and the ink was passed through a screen creating a print.

    These processes of liquid ink transfer were messy and took up a lot of space.  However, they did work, and the t-shirt / promotional goods business was created.

    Soon the digital revolution emerged. People could now print to paper from a digital printer. That transfer paper could be used to customized finished goods like t-shirts or awards. The problem was it was so slow, and the printers were so temperamental.

    The Old Methods Took Sooooo Long, and With Many Hassles

    It could take 8 minutes to print a single 8.5″ x 11″ transfer print. It turns out that using liquid ink to print, although it is easy to do, is just not very efficient. These printers also come with expensive replacement parts that needed to be maintained; an error in maintaining could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

    Digital ink printers could print transfers that worked in 2 ways. You may even have experience with these:

    These two processes were so limiting on what a transfer print could do.

    Then next step in the story of printing transfers is with the invention of the toner printer. These printers were fast, the toner was cheap, but the transfer paper technology wasn’t that good. Plus, you could still only transfer to light-colored garments and substrates. There was something key that was missing, white toner.

    DFX sample

    White Toner Printers and White Toner Transfers to the Rescue

    White toner printers revolutionized the custom t-shirt and custom promotional item world. This revolution is so big and so vast, we are still not even at the highest point in the adoption curve.

    Just years ago, these printers didn’t exist, and today we are seeing them capture the attention of small business owners, huge production shops, and major worldwide brands.

    There is one catch when it comes to white toner printers, and they are only as good as the white toner transfer paper. This can be similarly explained why a good pastry chef will use top-grade chocolate, or a race car driver isn’t pumping 87 octane into their million-dollar car.

    The paper you use in your printer is 100% tied to the quality of your prints, your t-shirts, or your promotional goods.

    Bringing Our Team Together to Provide the Very Best

    The DigitalHeat FX Team has worked directly with international chemists and production facilities to create the best white toner transfer paper for your white toner printer. This paper is known as EZ Peel Paper, which will be addressed more further down.

    Benefits of EZ Peel White Toner Transfer Paper:

    No Liquid Inks

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    Liquid inks are expensive, have a limited shelf life, and require equipment maintenance. Liquids are also messy and wasteful; they aren't fun to have in your shop.

    Significantly Faster

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    A L.E.D. white toner printer with EZ Peel paper can print up to 18 pages per minute of A4 sized transfers. You can print 100s of t-shirt logos in minutes using white toner transfer paper.

    Prints Cost Less

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    There are various ways to produce transfers, and most of them will cost you a lot in time and money. A left chest logo printed on white toner transfer paper will cost you pennies.

    Special Substrates Not Needed

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    Many transfer systems out there will require particular materials and substrates. You may have to print on only white materials or only polyester shirts or only 100% cotton shirts. Other items might be entirely off-limits like glass or wood. EZ Peel transfer paper unlocks the potential of your business with its massive versatility.

    Excellent Shelf Life

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    An EZ peel t-shirt transfer isn't on 'paper,' it's more like a transparent plastic film. These transfers also aren't sticky like heat transfer vinyl. This makes EZ Peel transfers easy to store and ship. Printed t-shirt transfers can live for months and months without needed to be applied to a t-shirt.

    Extremely Versatile

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    One of the best features of EZ peel is its versatility. You can print one sheet of logos and apply them to Cotton, Polyester, Blends, hats, backpacks, light colors, dark colors, canvas, and so much more. EZ Peel white toner transfer paper will be the most powerful tool in your shop.

    What are the types of EZ peel white toner transfer paper?

    EZ Peel

    This is the original and ‘universal’ paper. It works on tons of materials. Typically, EZ Peel will be used on most of your projects. The same paper can be used for white, black, dark colors, or light colors.

    EZ Peel will also apply to cotton, polyester, and blends. You can use the same transfer on a hat, a polo shirt, a t-shirt and a piece of wood. It’s amazing how versatile this paper is. So how does it work?

    EZ Peel paper is considered a ‘two-step’ system. The first step is printing on the ‘A’ paper. The ‘A’ paper is a clear plastic film that receives the toner from your DigitalHeat FX White Toner Printer. The next step is adding a polymer to the back of the ‘A’ paper. This step is quite easy; the polymer is coated on to a ‘B’ paper. These two papers are ‘married’ together with a heat press.

    In other words, you will use your white toner printer to print on a transfer sheet. Then place that on a heat press with a polymer sheet on top. Press the two together and then peel the polymer sheet off.

    This is a ‘self weeding’ process, which means the polymer only adheres to the printed portion of your transfer.

    You now have a completed transfer that is ready to apply to a t-shirt or be sold wholesale for someone else to apply.

    This two-step system comes with some significant advantages, which makes EZ Peel White toner transfer paper the most popular paper out there. It is essential to understand why this two-step system is so vital to the versatility of EZ Peel white toner transfer paper.

    Why is a two-step white toner transfer paper the most versatile?

    Polymer as an Adhesive

    The B sheet contains the polymer, as we mentioned before. This polymer is designed to be activated at a particular time and temperature. When the polymer is activated, it essentially turns into the ‘glue’ that makes your transfer adhere to a t-shirt, hat, bag, etc. The polymer is formulated to bond to the t-shirt (or other items) and withstand normal wear and tear.

    Polymer as a Color Enhancer

    Having a b-sheet means you have to use less toner to achieve the same colors. Imagine you smudged a pink highlighter on a white t-shirt; it would stand out. Now imagine that same smudge on a black t-shirt, you may never even see it. Putting light colors directly over dark colors doesn’t allow them to pop out. The polymer layer on your transfer adds some additional white opacity allowing your image to be vivid on any color. This means you can use it on light and dark garments/substrates.

    Polymer for Versatility

    Your transfer becomes very versatile when it’s coated with a polymer. This allows for adhesion to cotton, polyester, blends, canvas, and plenty of other materials. This is true for any color as well you can put transfers on white, black, red, green, blue, etc.

    EZ Peel is the most popular paper out there for a good reason. It's reliable and performs well on a large variety of materials. Naturally, it's the best white toner transfer paper out there.

    EZ Peel OneStep

    There is always room for improvement, no matter how good something is. Therefore, EZ Peel OneStep was developed.

    Our customers had two big requests: find a way to lower costs and increase speed/efficiency. As mentioned above, the two-step process is… two steps. If you could eliminate one step, that would save time. In addition to removing a step, if you could change it from two sheets of paper to one sheet of paper, that would save money.

    Our team worked with chemists and paper experts to put together the EZ Peel OneStep product to solve both of those issues.

    If you read the above information about EZ Peel Paper, you understand the importance of the A and B sheets. They offer a lot of benefits when it comes to color, longevity, and versatility. Eliminating the polymer step does come with some downsides, but you gain benefits too.

    When should you use EZ Peel OneStep?

    Light-colored garments

    White will get you the best colors, but dark-colored garments lose too much color vibrance. If you were just putting black text on a blue shirt, it would work out well. But if you wanted to put yellow on that blue shirt, it might end up looking green. If you just need white or a very light-colored garment, the OneStep paper is a great solution to save time and money.

    Event-based apparel

    Children’s’ parties, 5ks, charity events, and alike all come with a t-shirt that you might only wear once. These don’t need to have the same longevity as a uniform shirt for a delivery driver. The need for the polymer to give the transfer some extra life becomes less important. It’s another reason to use OneStep to save time and money in production.

    Low wash items

    One of our favorite things to decorate with OneStep is canvas bags. They don’t hit the wash often and really don’t need the polymer of the B sheet to create a perfect bond. Items that are textured and aren’t washed often are another ideal candidate. The OneStep paper will wash thoroughly on plenty of garments, but it is just not as versatile.

    Little White Toner

    If you have a design with a lot of white in it, we usually go to back to the two-step process. The formulation of the white toner really needs the boost of the polymer for the longevity of the print.

    EZ Peel OneStep is a fantastic additional paper to have in your shop. It is production-friendly and will save you money in the long run. As you gain experience, you will find it easy to choose when OneStep paper is perfect for the job at hand.

    EZ Peel Hard Surface

    This is a one-step product as well; however, it’s designed explicitly for har goods. EZ Peel OneStep is designed for textiles (like t-shirts and canvas), and EZ Peel Hard Surface Paper is intended for hard goods like metal, glass, wood, etc.

    The main difference is the coating that is on the paper. Hard Surface is coated to resist being rubbed or scratched off. This is another paper that will be a huge benefit to your shop. The standard EZ Peel paper can achieve a lot of the same results, but the Hard Surface paper will save you time and money.


    When should you use EZ Peel Hard Surface?


    This is by far the most popular use for the Hard Surface paper. Ceramic and Metal mugs come out looking fabulous with white toner transfer paper.


    Home Décor

    Metal signs, wood decorations, glass, and mirrors are all great used for Hard Surface paper. Our customers create customized decorations that can only be achieved using a digital white toner printer and EZ Peel Hard Surface


    Signage for businesses has been a growing area for DigitalHeat FX owners. You can put a digital print on metal, wood, or glass and create something unique for a business owner. You might not be printing the sign that goes above their door, but you can create smaller signage that might hang on their walls or sit at the register.

    Awards & more

    EZ Hard Surface Paper is so easy to use and very cost-effective. You will find some of your most profitable products will be made with this paper, and it’s becoming a fan favorite of DigitalHeat FX owners.


    EZ Hard Surface Paper is so easy to use and very cost-effective. You will find some of your most profitable products will be made with this paper, and it's becoming a fan favorite of DigitalHeat FX owners.

    Why does the transfer paper matter so much?

    There is an old idiom that a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. This can be used to explain why the quality of your white toner transfer paper is so important. If you have poor quality paper, you will end up with poor quality results.

    Another example would be how a pastry chef uses high-quality chocolate to make desserts. They could have tons of experience and awards, but if they used imitation chocolate in their best recipe, it’s not going to win any awards. Consider why a race car driver isn’t filling up their tank with 87 Octane at the local gas station.

    These are the reasons why the DigitalHeat FX team spends so much time investigating white toner printers and which transfer paper formulas work best. It’s a complicated science that allows your business to succeed. You show up every day and click print, knowing that EZ Peel white toner transfer paper is going to perform.

    The EZ Peel papers are part of the DigitalHeat FX system. This means your printer, software, and paper are all designed to work together. When scientists are testing paper, they are using Print Optimizer software. When software developers are creating updates, they are testing it with EZ Peel paper. People all over the world are working together to build the best system for your business.

    If you have any questions about white toner printers and EZ peel transfer paper, live chat or call one of the DigitalHeat FX experts at 855-348-4839.