Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of transfer does this system produce?

Transfers produced with this system are full color digital transfers that require no cutting or weeding and can be applied to virtually any substrate.

What kind of warranty comes with the OKI pro920WT or the new OKI pro8432WT?

Your printer will come with an industry exclusive, 2-year onsite warranty.

What can these transfers be applied to? Are they just for t-shirts?

These transfers can be applied to anything that can withstand just 220F of heat.  This extremely low application temperature allows not only for typical transfer substrates like cotton and polyester, but also things like nylon, leather, neoprene and non-woven polypropylene that are easily damaged by high heat.

Do I need a heat press or can I use an iron?

A good quality heat press is necessary in this process to ensure accurate time, temperature and pressure.

How much does a transfer cost to make?

Based on the finished transfer size the consumables, including transfer paper and toner, cost about $0.025 per square inch.  For example, a left chest logo that is 3” by 4” will cost about $0.30 in materials to produce.

How long do the transfers last?

This will vary by substrate and design.  Transfers of any shape or design applied to stable substrates, such as a canvas tote bag, will last forever.  When applying these transfers to a thinner, more flexible substrate that gets washed, such as a burnout tank, a transfer with more negative space to allow the material to flex and stretch will be more durable.  Decorated garments should be washed inside out on gentle.

Can this system produce metallic, reflective, glow in the dark or neon transfers?

Yes!  Simply print your design on our EZ Metallic or EZ Neon transfer paper instead of our classic EZ Peel transfer paper for CMYK transfers.  A special metallic or neon coating on these papers creates transfers with vivid color and sparkle unmatched by process printing alone.

What are my Options for the Printer?

Where can I order supplies?

Toner, other printer consumables, and our very own line of Laser EZ transfer papers can be ordered through our e-commerce website or over the phone at 855.348.4839.

Is the OKI pro920WT or the OKI pro8432WT wireless?

It is networkable and can be directly connected to your personal computer, a networked computer or a networked router.