Printing on Black Cardstock with The Crio pro8432

Crio White Toner Printers are industry leading t-shirt transfer printers. The system has risen in popularity due to its toner-based system, meaning no maintenance, and its versatility. In fact, many claim the DigitalHeat FX System, consisting of a white toner printer, is a “business in a box”. This phrase has come to describe the system because it can decorate apparel, hard goods, non-wearable textiles, and also works as a standard printer for paper goods.

Paper items like invitations and menus are a great way to expand your business offerings. You can turn cheap cardstock into custom items for a variety of occasions. Birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, and weddings are just a few.

Another thing that makes the DigitalHeat FX unique ad especially attractive for paper printing, is the white toner. This allows users to customize black t-shirts, but also let’s you print white on black cardstock.

When planning for my own wedding, I got a firsthand look at how much simple invites and other printed items cost. So, when it came time to print some timelines for my wedding party, I started figuring out how to do it myself, using the DigitalHeat FX System we have here at ColDesi.

Step One | Artwork Design

When making custom designs there are a few different routes you can take. This

Step Two | Print Optimizer

Once your design is prepared for printing, you will need to make a couple adjustments in your DigitalHeat FX Print Optimizer Software.

Step One:

In your Color Adjust settings, go to the Printer Options section under Color Layer.

Here you will want to select “Card Stock” as the media type

Then, find the paperweight on the Card Stock you have selected for the job. This is usually found on the front of the packaging. You will want to select the Media Weight range that most closely matches that number.

** If your paper’s weight is not in the ranges available, select Ultra Heavy 3

Step Two:

In Color Adjust Setting under the Processing Options tab, increase your coverage percent all the way to 400.

Step Three:

Stay in the Color Adjust Settings, but click over to the Ink Removal Tab.

Now uncheck the Enable Ink Removal box to disable Ink Removal.

Step Four:

Under the Job section, ensure your design is not mirrored.

Now you are ready to print!

Ready to tackle your first cardstock print job? Here are some fun ideas that make for great selling opportunities:

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