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Really Doesn’t Say What We Mean.

What we really mean is JOIN us. Join our community of people that are achieving their dreams of independence, of starting a business, of providing more for themselves and their families. That community of people INCLUDES the ones that work for ColDesi, because when we help you achieve your dreams, we achieve ours as well.

Since ColDesi started we have had over one million people share their dreams and aspirations with us. More than 30,000 people, families, couples and young entrepreneurs have chosen us to help them pursue their dreams of business ownership, personal freedom, financial freedom and taking that leap of faith and courage to be better, to break their status quo.

What we really mean is LET us help you. ColDesi isn’t just about the DigitialHeat FX Printers, or DTG brand t shirt printer or the bling machines, cutters, embroidery machine or supplies that we sell. Talk to us about what you want to do, what you want to accomplish, what your dreams for your business are – then let us help.

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White Toner Printing

Transfer printing solution that ranges from start-ups to big production shops. Home-based business, Storefronts or Production Facilities. 

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Direct to Film Printers

DTF Printers are commercial units – not for home use – range from $25,999 to $35,999. Designed for large volume transfer production.

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