Comparing White Toner Printing to Direct to Film (DTF)

In this video we are comparing DTF, also known as direct-to-film, to white toner printing with the DigitalHeat FX System.

First we are going to go through the things these printers have in common:

1. They both print on a clear film that makes it really easy to line up on a t-shirt.

2. Both of these transfers can be printed and cut up or stored and sold to some else later. So both these printers create transfers that are transferable.

3. Also, ColDesi’s DTF Printer and DigitalHeat FX System both print white.

4. The transfers also adhere to a variety of textiles including cottons, polyesters, blends and tons of other materials. Because they print white ink, they also can be put on both light and dark colored garments which is a huge plus compared to other t-shirt printing methods like sublimation.

Now let’s break these two systems down and discuss the pros of White Toner Printing:

1. No Liquid inks which means low maintenance.

2. Machines can sit off for long periods of time and be ready to print quickly.

3. Changing consumable parts are low tech – toners, drums, fusers, etc.

4. Takes up a very small space and low noise.

5. Can be used as a regular CMYK printer for paper products, banners, flyers and more.

6. Lowest cost of entry.

Now let’s talk about the pros of Direct to Film Printing with ColDesi’s new DTF Printer, the DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H2:

1. Prints ultra-fast creating logos in seconds.

2. Offers roll printing for big production.

3. All steps to create a transfer are machine automated.

4. Fast press time of only 10 seconds to adhere transfers to t-shirts.

5. Large print area. Media can be loading into the machine up to 24 inches wide by 100 meters.

6. Ultra-soft finish after transferred to t-shirt.

7. DTF prints have amazing washability & are super stretchy.

8. DTF printers also offers extremely low supply costs which is a must when you are doing big production.


If you want to learn more about either one of these transfer printing technologies, give us a call!