Glitter T-Shirts with The DigitalHeat FX i560 System

One of our favorite things about the DigitalHeat FX i560 System is the toner swapability feature.

This system features the UNINET icolor 560 White Toner Printer. To make glitter t-shirt you can take the white toner out and put a special clear toner in it’s place! It’s really that easy. You will also use a special transfer paper that has glitter on it.

Basically, the way it works is you print your design just like you normally would with your DigitalHeat FX System. Then you are going to press the printed transfer together with the glitter paper. This is going to add glitter and an adhesive to you transfer and this is what makes it ready to go on the t-shirt.

Now you just heat press the glitter transfer onto the shirt and once it cools you remove it. For the final press you will use a Teflon Sheet as seen in the product used list below.

Products Used:

Clear Toner –

Glitter EZ Peel Transfer Paper –

Teflon Sheet –

Bella+Canvas Tank Top –

More unique ideas with the DigitalHeat FX i560:

Another fun toner swap for this machine is the fluorescent toner which make glow in the dark t-shirts. To see how it works, watch this video: