Making Clear Window Clings with the DigitalHeat FX System

Making custom window cling films in full color with the DigitalHeat FX system is not only fun but can be very profitable.

Here we go through the process and show you best practices for getting your designs to pop and stand out the best. 

The iColor Clear Cling Sheets are 8.5 x 11. You can find the paper on our supply website here. 

After you set up the print mode for these sheets in your Print Optimizer software all you have to do is load the paper and print.

The shiny shine of your cling sheets is the print side, so you will want this side facing up in the printer.

It’s good practice to take a little break in between each print. This is because the fuser of your DigitalHeat FX printer can heat up and it can melt the cling a little bit causing problems.

If you’re already selling custom t-shirts or mugs with your DigitalHeat FX system, why not add custom window clings. Watch the full video to see how it works.