How to Print on Balloons with Water Slide Decal Paper  

One of the key parts of a celebration or party is decorations. Confetti, banners, party lights, and of course balloons!  

Whether it’s to celebrate a graduation, birthday, or baby shower, custom balloons can be a great way to liven up the area.  

If you’re a small business that is looking to enter the event decorating industry, we have a way to get you started.  

You can start off with making custom balloons using a white toner printer like the DigitalHeat FX i650.  

The DigitalHeat FX i650 is one of the most popular white toner printers in the industry. It’s a compact, desktop printer that uses toner to create stunning, full-color designs.  

It features the ability to underprint, which is a technique that allows you to print a white base underneath the artwork. This is important if you’re printing on clear or non-white paper.  

In this case, we will use this function to print transfers on water slide decal paper in order to apply them to latex balloons.   

Let’s go over how we did it.  

Printing Steps:

  1. Set up your artwork in Print Optimizer software and adjust toner cartridges according to the software settings.

  2. Load your waterslide decal paper into your printer, and print! Trim your transfer.
    PRO TIP: Trimming closer to your design will allow for easier application. 

  3. Soak the transfer in lukewarm water until the back of it is thin and opaque. At this point the design should be able to slide off of its backing but do not do so until application.

  4. After positioning the transfer to the desired location, begin to remove the backing from your design while sliding it onto the balloon.

  5. Once positioned correctly, use a paper towel to remove excess water and air bubbles.

  6. Once fully dried, your custom balloon is complete!

With applications like these, there is no “marrying” step which requires you to heat apply adhesive to the printed design. So, you don’t need a heat press for this, which is what makes this customization much quicker and easier. 

Plus, we found online that these custom balloons retail from $15 to $25 each! You can sell them in a balloon bundle or in an event decoration package that includes other custom items like decorative signs, custom labels, and much more! All made with your DigitalHeat FX printer! 

Now, this is just ONE way you can make money with a DigitalHeat FX printer, but there are thousands of ways to do so. With DigitalHeat FX, the sky is the limit.  

To learn more about DigitalHeat FX, live chat with us or reach out to a pro at (855) 348-4839.