New Technology Allows Teachers to Make Fundraising T-Shirts Easily

If you are a teacher in K-12 education in the USA, you know that fundraising is practically a de-facto part of the job.

Whether it be candies, or candles, books, boxes or bags, at some point you’ll likely be asked to help collect funds to make your school come out on top.

You may find yourself helping out as part of summer school, or with a field trip, or be asked to be part of the school uniform crew.

And, until recently, you had to go out of your way to pull off a decent fundraiser:

Find something to sell for fundraising – that people actually WANT

Calculate how much you make from the event

Wait for the funds, collecting payments. #hassle

And to get the kids shirts for summer, fan shirts, parent shirts, etc., was about as easy as doing that fundraiser above.

One – how to raise money for special events, or just textbooks and pencils.
Two – how to outfit the kids (adding that extra safety factor on field trips by using school shirts = good sense), make the parents happy and give them all the opportunity to support the kids.

The Solution, Print Full-color Beautiful T-Shirts in Minutes Yourself

Custom school t-shirts are pretty much the ideal fundraising item. Everyone wears t-shirts, and everyone always needs another one. Plus they promote team spirit and help your kids identify with staying in school.

• Not everyone eats candy and chocolate.
• No one really needs $100 worth of wrapping paper.
• Magazines? Really? Do they still make those?
• Anything-a-thons these days get minimal participation.
• Candles ARE nice. But do you want to pressure your friends and family to sell candles at work? No.

Even if you use a company to run or manage your fundraiser to minimize the hassle, and you sell TONS of chocolate magazine candles, you only get a percentage of the profit in the end.

How much more could you do with the rest of those fundraising funds?

The problem is having to rely on subcontractors to get the shirts to look correct and order the CORRECT SIZES!

Would it Be Hard for Teachers to Make T-shirts Nowadays?

The simple answer… Nope.

It used to be kind of hard and take a big space full of pretty expensive equipment.

Screen printing setups can take up a warehouse full of space. The screen printing ink you would use still comes in buckets.

It takes a lot to set up a screen printing job; setting up the artwork properly, making the screens, developing in a dark room, cleaning them with a pressure washer when you’re done. Then, depending on the kind of ink you use – disposing of them properly.

That’s why when you go to order custom t-shirts for your school you end up having to order millions of shirts, and the printer desperately tries to talk you into just ONE COLOR.

Because full-color shirts for a single class cost them and would cost you, a lot of time, money and effort to set up.
Modern custom t-shirt makers will use something just like the Teachers Making T-Shirts bundle.

How Does This System Work?

The Teachers Making T-Shirts system is pretty simple. If you have used technology in the classroom, this is going to be easy.  Lot’s easier than other systems including sublimation printing.

First, come up with your artwork. Know how many colors you can use?

It doesn’t matter. Any number. Who cares? You pick a design you like.

Amazon Tree Frog Club T-shirt with a picture of one of those slimy looking green and red frogs on it. Sure.

PRO TIP: I played with the times and temperatures of each sub-straight because it can vary with thickness, heat resistance, and cool times.

Step 1 - Artwork

Create your artwork and then open it up in our T-Shirt printing software called Print Optimizer. It converts your idea into something that a color t-shirt transfer system will recognize. It lets you edit what you see on your screen to look a bit more like what it will look like on a t-shirt.

Step 2 - Print

Send your job to the printer. Not just any printer – this amazing t-shirt transfer printer called a DigitalHeat FX. If you want to make ten shirts, one shirt or 50 shirts, you just print that many. (It prints on what looks like transparency film).

Step 3 - Heat Press

You are now going to use a heat press, it’s easy to use. You will use it two times.

This time, you use it to finish making your t-shirt transfer by pressing it to another sheet we call a “B” sheet. Now that the transfer is done you can go to Step 4 or put it away for use at another time.

Step 4 - Heat Press Again and Peel Off Transfer

Heat press the design to the t-shirt.

You’re done! You made a great looking t-shirt that it will be EASY to sell, and will make you $10-$20 each.

Teachers Making T-Shirts vs. Chocolate Magazine Candle Cards

So you have these two problems; #1 is fundraising that works, #2 is outfitting the kids for events, or just everyday uniforms

The Teachers T-Shirt System solves both and does it pretty easily.


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