Career and Technology Programs Expand With Custom T-Shirt Machines

How much can students earn selling t-shirts

First, If you haven’t read our article on Teachers Making T-Shirts, you may want to check that one out first.
Maybe you’re in charge of a Career and Technology program at your school?  Perhaps outside your fundraising goals, you’re also responsible for developing new ways to inspire students into great careers.   Yes, you know that fundraising with custom t-shirts is a good idea, Right?
But did you know how great?  What are the details and the ROI?  Let’s get a closer look at the numbers.
Sanmar shirt

How Much Does a T-Shirt Cost – Fundraising Example

Silly question, right? But if you are going to make custom t-shirts for your Career or Technology Programs, then Walmart or Target are not going to be your best choice for getting what the industry calls “blanks” or plain t-shirts.

There are distributors with warehouses all over the country that just sell blank t-shirts to people that print or embroidery on them.

You get good prices and get case pricing when you develop wholesale accounts with them.  But better yet, you also have access to a pro on the other end of the phone that can help you pick the right t-shirt for the job.

Here’s a good example:  Sanmar is one of those blanks distributors we just mentioned. These youth raglan baseball tees can be bought for $3.49 each if you get a case or one at a time for $4.49 each.

Here’s a link so you can check them out when your done reading.

You’ll only see pricing once you’re a customer. They have tees for as low as $1.34 and some that are over $5 each.

And they sell a lot more than just t-shirts. But we’ll get to that later.

We’ll use $4 each as a good example.

Education for Successful Careers in T-Shirt Creation Using Fundraising Examples

You can sell a custom t-shirt for a fundraiser for $20. Almost anywhere.

Full color, custom, really nice, on-demand, maybe even with a kids name on it? $25.

Let’s be conservative and say you’re going to sell your t-shirts for $20 each.

Cost for the very cool school t-shirt for the fundraiser cost-because-you-made-it: $5.75

Your school or classroom’s profit = $14.25 for each shirt.

Your students would have to sell a lot of candy bars to match that!

Or, a bunch of holiday cards.

Or a ton of wrapping paper.

Not only that, but custom t-shirts are easy to sell, people love them, and they’ll keep them and show them off.

DFX heat transfer on heat press

Fundraising with Custom T-Shirts

$20 each is just for the kid’s shirts.

Here’s a secret: The adult t-shirts are the SAME COST. And if the parents/grandparents/caregivers are spending $20 for a kids shirt, $25 or $30 for adults is a no-brainer.

You buy the blanks from the same place. In the same style too.

Even if you make them a BIG design and use an entire transfer, you could still make $20 or MORE on every shirt.

cheerleader outfit

That’s just the Money

There are some intangibles here that are important.

Teachers Making T-Shirts is you. It’s your school or your technology center.  You are making the design. You pick the shirts. You do the work.

It’s a great way not only to make money for the school but also to build PRIDE in your school.

About the Teachers Making T-Shirts System

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