How To Create Negative Space in Your Artwork | White Toner Printing Software Tips

How To Create Negative Space in Your Artwork | White Toner Printing Software Tips

The DigitalHeat FX System is a white toner printing system. It prints out full-color designs and portraits and uses a specialty transfer paper. Then, an adhesive is applied to it so that it is a transfer ready to be put on clothing.

So what does this mean? Well, you are applying something on top of the fabric of your garment. Anytime something is sitting on top of the fabric there is going to be a hand feel. And if you are covering up all the fibers, where does the air and water flow through?

Keep reading to learn about our favorite tip for adding negative space to your artwork…

How to Add Dots & Strips in Print Optimizer

When utilizing the Print Optimizer software with your DigitalHeat FX equipment, there are several features available that can enhance or change the look of your graphic or photograph. One of these features is the Dots & Stripes print mode.

Playing with the different DigitalHeat FX Print Modes are a great option if you are looking to print and press solid graphics or photographs to a garment that have no negative space within them.

When would I use this feature?

Photos are the most common to use with this feature, as they almost always have no negative space within them.

If you were to press a substantial 8” x 10” photograph to a garment, it is going to feel very heavy and may not yield the best results possible.

How does it work?

The Dots & Stripes print modes created negative space in your artwork for you, by placing tiny hole and tiny lines in your design.

In this demonstration you will see what these dots and stripes looks like and how it works. Plus, you will see how the DigitalHeat FX 8432 system works with the EZ Peel Two-Step Transfer Paper.

We love this feature because it’s really unnoticeable and does just enough to create breathability and better wash-ability for your garments.

This video is just a short demonstration of how this works, BUT the DigitalHeat FX Systems come with online training modules that teach users everything they need to know to get started, including the features of the Print Optimizer Software.

Plus, when you become a ColDesi machine customer you get access to our world-class support. This includes chat and call support with our in-house printing pros. To learn more about all the DigitalHeat FX models and for updated pricing information, click here.