Putting DigitalHeat FX Transfers on Cotton, Polyester and Blends

One of the biggest advantages of the DigitalHeat FX System is the versatility of these transfers. With just one printer you have the ability to customize cottons, polyesters, blends and more!

Here’s how it works: 

Step One: Print your designs using the EZ Peel Transfer Paper and the the DigitalHeat FX Printer. 

Step Two: Apply the adhesive sheet to the transfer using a heat press. When time is up slowly peel the two sheets away from each other. (Detailed instructions for this step can be found with your transfer paper)

Step Three: Trim the transfer to size and place it on the shirt. Cover it with a finishing sheet to protect it and then press. 

Step Four: Let the shirt cool completely, then remove the carrier sheet.

Step Five: Place the shirt back on the press and cover it with a finishing sheet. In this video we used the Flexible Finishing Sheet. Give the shirt a final press to improve durability.