How A Lazy Parrot Turned One T-Shirt Order into Big Profit $$ Jobs

Using our Digital HeatFX system, Hotronix Fusion heat press, and a Hotronix cap press, we multiplied a regular staff t-shirt order to a merchandising showcase.

Here’s a way to get more than just great apparel!

One of our customers owns a restaurant called “Lazy Parrot.”  They were putting together a t-shirt order for us, but they needed to buy a bunch of other things to promote their brand as well.  And we were able to help them out.

So Using our Digital Heat FX system, we took it a step further to have created and stocked their entire new gift shop essentially. It was a Huge success for us, and for our customer! See how we did it!

The Lazy Parrot Meets Digital Heat FX

I own a t-shirt shop and use the Digital HeatFX system for all my designs. If you’ve heard of this system, you know how it can make intensely colorful t-shirts and other apparel.

One Friday evening I’m eating dinner and grabbed a few cold drinks at a popular local restaurant in town.

This place, The Lazy Parrot, is known for its laid-back beachy/tiki environment and its tropical and colorful beverages.

I love the food and environment, but the staff shirts could use improvement so I mentioned what I do and could do for them to the owner and BANG! An order for 12 New tees and 12 caps with their logo is ordered for the staff.

PRO TIP: Luckily for you – we ALL wear apparel – so customers aren’t hard too hard to find. We highly recommend always wearing something you made to show people. Don’t be shy to share that you have a great business that creates custom apparel and OTHER fun stuff.

Tell Everyone About Your Business; I Do!

Tell the places you frequent, your social groups, restaurant, neighbors, your sports clubs, and PTA meetings. Spread the exciting news and be proud. You can do way more than you know with this system!

The shirts are a hit, and the staff loves them. Over the next few visits, I hear a few other patrons ask if they can get one of those cool shirts or if they can sport one of those hats. The staff has even asked if I can make more for them.

Then it occurs to me – how many restaurants or local hang out places I have been to that have items with their name on it -places that sell souvenirs or memorabilia. C’mon tourists are EVERYWHERE and so are events and functions and reasons for gifts!

Merchandising is the Key to Extra Profit for Resturants

Pulling the owner of the Lazy Parrot aside, I mentioned that I could make more shirts and caps.  They would be to sell to customers and that I will throw out a couple of other ideas of things they can offer if they wish. Just an idea to try it out.

After explaining how much she can sell the merchandise for the owner agrees to give it a shot.

So I head back to my shop with my mind reeling at the possibilities of what I can offer this business to promote themselves, bring in new customers more money for them and myself, and how to make this good customer an even better customer!

Printing out a bunch of their designs in various sizes and a quick walk through an arts and crafts store later I have a bunch of things to try.

PRO TIP: Experiment! If it can withstand the heat press needed to apply and can fit within one of my presses – I can try it. If its clothing or can be washed I make sure the washing goes well and they will sell and Some things will naturally not be put in the washer machine (like wood) or Metal so I can be creative.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

At the craft store, I realize I’m not going to get the best prices but I know I can get anything in bulk and bulk pricing once I have an order for it.

I found some cool tags, including a reversible metal one to hang on the door, four slate coasters, a nice beach bag/tote with rope handles, a blank box, a blank green koozie and a blank wooden circle to be extra creative with!

PRO TIP: I played with the times and temperatures of each sub-straight because it can vary with thickness, heat resistance, and cool times.
Just play with it, and you’ll get an idea on what any issues (if you have any) might be an indicator of a minor change you can make to help be successful in other media. Start low and work your way up – do not pass 300.

Typically, I use some standard time and temps to begin and then fine tune my process from there.

  • Cotton 285 / 30sec / Low pressure
  • Polyester 265 / 30sec / Low pressure
  • Nylon 240 / 15sec/ Low pressure
  • Neoprene 240 / 20 sec / Low pressure
  • Non-Woven Polypropylene 220 / 30sec / High pressure
  • Wood 230 /15-45sec (thickness depending) / Low pressure – Preheat req.
  • Metal 240 / 45 sec / Low pressure – Preheat req.
  • Slate 260 / 30 sec / Low pressure -– Preheat req.


Depending on what you are pressing and how thick or hard it is too cool or heat up you may need Preheating for 5-10 seconds or until hot, and a cold pack will help with cooling them down since a cold peel is required.

The Customer Was Delighted And Won’t Go Anywhere Else.

I took all the items I made back to The Lazy Parrot to show the Owner. After the deliriously excited conversation we had, she wanted one of each for herself! She was her own first customer.

They decided to commit a corner of the “To-Go” area to The Lazy Parrot Merchandise and has seen profits on her non-food/drink items skyrocket. Her regulars as well as tourists buy and wear the apparel (as do I) and spread the great word that…

The Lazy Parrot is where they should go for a great time!

PRO TIP: Since we inserted our business info in the label – I’ve even had orders from new clients pop up asking if they can get Merch for their restaurant/business started too.

Now i’m off to the next client with my best business decision – the Digital HeatFX!


Blank $.10 each + .10 to print = $.20 total each=$2/10
Sells 10 @ $5/set = $3 PROFIT = 150% ROI


Blank $3.58 + $.22 to print = $3.80 total
Sells @ $15 = $11.20 PROFIT = 294% ROI


Blank $5 + $.50 to print -$5.50 total
Sells @ $20 = $14.50 PROFIT = 263% ROI


Blank $4.80 + $.80 to print = $5.60 total
Sells @ $15 = $9.40 PROFIT = 167% ROI


Blank $1.25 + $.25 to print = $1.50 total
Sells @ $3 each = $1.50 PROFIT =
100% ROI

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