The Most Versatile T-Shirt Printing System

We are excited to show you the versatility of the Digital HeatFX. In just a few quick prints we created a T-shirt but also a cap and a few surprises!

Marc begins by showing the Digital HeatFX system and then sends art to the printer. Watch how it comes out ready with tons of colors. It’s a dry toner, so no worries of waiting for the ink to dry or any complicated maintenance. Just print and then its ready for the adhesive.

Using the Fusion Heat press he applies the second sheet to the print out that will apply the ‘glue’ only where the design was printed on the first sheet. After 120 seconds the glue is on and its ready to be peeled. Now it’s ready for application.

Next he positions the design on the t-shirt and presses for 30 seconds at a higher pressure to apply. During this step the glue is binding to the fibers of the garment making this is a long-lasting design. Gently remove shirt from the press to let it cool, then peel.

Now the design is transferred to the garment and has a glossy finish. To complete the transfer, press one last time for 30 seconds and there you have it. A fantastic shirt in just a few minutes!

But Wait, if you are selling t-shirts, you should be selling hats too! Using the Hotronix Cap Press, he can easily apply a transfer to a cap using the same steps as you did with the t-shirt.

Take it a step further…  Use the cap press to directly promote your brand/company by using it to transfer your company name, email address and/or phone number to the back of your newly produced t-shirt. How about a coupon? The sky is the limit on what you can put there. Now everyone that receives your custom printed t-shirts, knows who made them; every teacher, soccer mom, hockey dad, employee and teammate.

Hold on!

Who doesn’t love Koozies? Can coolers are a quick and easy add on to any order. With the Fusion Heat press you can change your platen out for a can cooler platen in a snap and 1 minute later you have 8 can coolers ready to go! It’s really that easy. Imagine the possibilities.

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