Limited time - 100% Trade Up To a DTG Digital Direct to Garment Printer

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PRO 8432WT Printer

I know what it’s like to start a business – to look at your budget and dreams and see that GAP. So I wanted to offer you something special. Something great to help get you started in the custom t-shirt business now AND that lets you cash in on your dreams over the next year too.

Buy a Digital HeatFX 8432wt T-Shirt Transfer System this month and qualify for this 100% Trade Up Program – for the next 12 months, we’ll give you 100% of the price you paid at the time of purchase towards the upgrade to a DTG Direct to Garment printer. That means you get started now – and your ability to grow is built in without the risk of loss.

P.S. This limited time exclusive 100% Trade Up Guarantee applies to new equipment purchases this month only.

Kind Regards,

Scott Colman, President, ColDesi, Inc

The pro8432WT | The Digital HeatFX™ Flagship

proColor® Laser Printer with White Toner

Digital HeatFX™ proudly introduces the newest model in the OKI proColor® white toner printer lineup; the OKI pro8432WT.

This professional grade laser printer with white toner is now for sale in the United States and comes fully loaded with everything a digital heat transfer shop needs to succeed.

Designed for both dark and light substrates*, the OKI pro8432wt along with the Laser EZPeel paper combination that makes up the Digital HeatFX™ bundle is a professional grade money maker.

The bundle creates a super fast return on investment (ROI) with some of the lowest start-up costs in the i­­­ndustry.

Create custom t-shirts using EZ-Laser paper and the OKI Pro 8432wt
Utilizing its high-speed LED print engine, the pro8432WT creates bright beautiful full-color transfer sheets.

And when the OKI is combined with the Laser EZ Peel universal transfers sheets, your custom designs can be applied to almost anything.*

*See this FAQ for details on what you can print on with DFX!

These clean edge, digital quality transfer sheets can be sold “as is” to other related businesses, or they can be heat pressed on to literally hundreds of thousands of garments or items.

The machine has a maximum paper size of 11” by 17” (Tablet Size) and high-resolution imaging of 1200 by 600 dots per inch.  It can output full-color transfer sheets at a whopping 16 pages per minute (letter size) in high definition digital LED color.

There are also significant upgrades to the print engine technology in the OKI 8432wt.

The new print engine is superior to the previous model or any other laser printer with white toner on the market.  And if media versatility is important to the niche markets you are in, the new OKI proColor printer delivers.

The Okidata Pro8432 with white toner can handle international paper sizes up to “A3” and thick card stock up to 256gsm.

For a comparison of white toner laser printers to DTG click here.

*A “substrate” is anything you’re printing on. Cotton, polyester, wood, etc.

Watch this video to see what you can print on the OKI Pro 8432wt.

Starting from $6895 or finance around $200/month*

Software: Print Optimizer

*Machine only pricing. Purchase of a heat press machine, transfer paper, and other accessories are available in our bundles.

OKI pro8432WT Top Features
  • Tablet Size Printing
  • Media Flexibility with Low Cost Per Page
  • Virtually Maintenance Free with Low Cost Consumables
  • Fits Seamlessly into Your Existing Color Printing Workflow
  • 4-Color Channel CMY Bright Printing WITH white toner
  • High Definition (HD) Color Printing Technology for Increased Color Depth and Richer Hues
  • Highly Compatible with Any Leading Transfer Paper Manufacturers
  • Great for Light and Dark Colored T-Shirt Transfer Applications
  • OKI Two Year On-site Warranty for USA and Canada
  • The most important feature is TRAINING and SUPPORT Learn more below..
OKI pro8432WT Specifications
Paper Sizes: Tray 1: A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5; Multi-purpose tray: A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, A6; Custom size up to 431.8mm length

Paper Capacity: Tray 1: 300 sheets of 80gsm; Multi-purpose tray: 100 sheets of 80 gsm

Print Speed: Letter (11×8.5): 16 pages per min., Tabloid (17×11): 9 pages per min.

Printing Technology: Digital 4 LED Full-color Electrophotographic Printing Technology

Paper Feeding: Auto Media Detect, Auto Paper Tray Select, Paper Empty Sensor, Paper

Duty Cycle: 75000

Print Quality (Resolution): High Definition Print Resolutions of 1200 x 600 dpi

Ink Type: OKI High Definition Toner

Toner Color: 4 Color Channels (Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, White)

Interfaces: 10/100 Base-T Internal Ethernet Print Server; USB 2.0

Printer Dimension: 17.67 x 21.73 x 14.17 inches (449 x 552 x 360 mm)

Weight: 81 pounds (37 kg) approximate

Power Requirements: 110V

Need something to fit a smaller budget?

 Printing with Digital Heat FX’s Newest Laser Printer with White Toner.

The beauty of the digital heat transfer business is all the different ways you can make money by selling your transferred products. For wholesale transfer printing, the OKI 8432wt printer’s professional grade quality and low maintenance requirements will allow you to pump out beautiful transfer sheets ready to press all day long, every day.


Unlike Screen printing which requires messy inks, long set up times and industrial workspace the Digital Heat FX system is truly a desktop system. Perfect for home based or small office business as well as retail businesses.

The system also allows images to be transferred onto almost any normal substrate that can handle 220 degrees of heat.

Artwork to Completed Item in under 3 Minutes! |Maximum ROI

Speed is critical when it comes to doing short runs or functioning in one-off retail environments such as mall kiosks units or at events.  How quickly your transfer printer can go from full power down to finished item can make the difference between your customer placing an order or walking off in frustration.

The pro8432WT shines in this area.  The super-fast warm up time of the Okidata 8432wt means you can go from image to completed item in as little as 3 minutes.  Compared to other methods, like embroidery with complex pricing tables, that’s a blinding speed for high quality full color prints.

Simply follow the three-step process outlined here which, unlike typical cut vinyl transfers, does not require ANY WEEDING.  The process self-weeds the material saving tons of precious time when considering your return on investment.  No other transfer process allows full color individual personalization on virtually unlimited fabrics in such short of a time.
Make metallic custom t-shirts using EZ-Transfer paper and the OKI Pro 8432wt
This very low application temperature lets you heat transfer on different substrates like leather, neoprene, nylon and non-woven materials that are easily damaged by high heat. This is a great alternative to direct to garment printing! Here are more examples of money-making application with Digital HeatFX, Laser EZ Peel and the OKI8432WT:
  1. Dark Color T-Shirts
  2. Polos
  3. Jackets
  4. Caps
  5. Mugs
  6. Lettering
  7. Memo Cubes
  8. Koozies
  9. Baby Clothes
  10. Canvas
  11. Medium T-Shirts
  12. Pants
  13. Bags
  14. Ceramic Plates
  15. Mouse Pads
  16. Jigsaw Puzzles
  17. Awards
  18. Books
  19. Signs
  20. Glasses
  21. Light Colored Shirts
  22. Coolers
  23. Sports Items
  24. Ceramic Tiles
  25. Tote Bags
  26. Wood / Metals
  27. Misc. Fabrics and Materials
  28. Lunch Boxes
  29. Pictures
  30. and much more…

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