EZ Peel Transfer Papers

Absolutely the best value for your business.

EZ Peel Transfer Paper is designed to get the best print, every time.

Your printer is only as good as your paper

Even the best cook in the world can only make great soup if they follow a great recipe and quality ingredients. So why invest in the best transfer printer without amazing paper to run through it?

That is why we put so much time, effort, and research into our EZ Peel transfer papers. Once you try it, EZ Peel will be the paper you’ll want to use all the time. It’s your forever transfer paper.

What do people who print transfers want?

When we asked custom apparel shops and white toner transfer experts what they wanted in a paper, and here are the answers we received:

There is always talk about ‘how does it feel?’ or ‘How does it wash?’ – The experts know all of these depend on tons of factors. Do you have good art? Do you have a quality t-shirt? Is the shirt being used to do a mud running 5k or for a group photo?

So yes, of course, it washes and feels up to the high-quality standards that have made EZ Peel and the DigitalHeat FX the #1 choice for white toner transfer shops in the US.


EZ Peel paper is manufactured with standards that every sheet, every box, and every batch need to be consistent. Have you ever purchased something really cheap online and it breaks after using it 3 times? Of course, and we tell ourselves, ‘Well, what did I expect?’ When you run a t-shirt shop you want to print shirts, and make money, that’s what EZ Peel does consistently.


We have tested all types of paper, in all different variations. We have read the disappointing stories of people who weren’t educated and manufacturers who didn’t care about making a product with the quality control demanded by t-shirt shops. You need a quality product and that’s why EZ Peel is going to be the best quality you can find.


Our most recent formula has reduced the production process by about 45 seconds per transfer. That is HUGE for your long-term production. Old industry standards were 2 minutes of heat press dwell time, the new standards are dropping and production is getting faster than ever. Over the course of printing 100 transfers a week for a year, that’s 65 hours of work your shop saves. That is 65 more times you made it home in time for dinner, or potentially over $1000 in employee costs. You are saving time, you are saving money and the savings gets even better next.

The Best Value in Paper….by far

Global standards for universal transfer paper seem to hover around $4.50 for a 2 Step tabloid sheet – that’s about 11″ x 17″. It’s come to be an industry standard, and it’s time for better deals to come along.

This is why we created the Paper Savers Club. You save $80 on each box of paper, only about $3.69 per sheet. That is a big deal. If you are printing 100 sheets a week, that’s over $4000 in savings.

The best part, it’s not going to cost you a ton of money. If you are going to print just over 40 transfers a month (that’s less than 100 shirts a month) you can qualify for the club.

When you add the time and money savings together, then factor in the reliability & quality. You easily see why EZ Peel is your forever transfer paper.

This is the toner transfer paper that will help drive you into success.

Save Money On Paper

Learn how to join the paper savers club

Suitable for all OKI White Toner Printers

The EZ peel 2-Paper-System gives amazing brilliant colors. Your beliefs about transfer paper will change forever. So how does it work?

You simply print on the “A” sheet, then heat press it together with the opaque “B” sheet.

The last step is separating both sheets from each other while hot. This adds the ‘polymer’ to the transfer, which adheres it to your garment.

Forever, transfer paper like this will be easier to apply better and print cleaner ever than before. You also can do all your steps at the same temperature (with exception of certain garments)
The application tolerances are extremely high, reducing handling errors and allowing the user high flexibility.

Your T-Shirt Transfer Paper Options

EZ Peel 2 Step isn’t your ONLY option though. It’s important to choose the right paper for your application – AND to know that you can do much more than just t-shirts.

Watch these quick videos to be inspired about how you do more with DigitalHeat FX!

Forever -Transfer Paper Will Be Easier!

The Laser EZ peel transfer paper’s white opaque coating only sticks to the toner on the “A” and performs so well that even the finest detailed designs can be handled. This is referred to as the ‘self-weeding’ process. The “B” sheet only adheres to toner on the “A” sheet.

EZ Peel Paper is the best choice for your transfer printing business.

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