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About DigitalHeat FX

Our Story

Digital HeatFX™ is an exclusive system for producing great looking transfers on thousands of different garments and items.  The magic of the system is the exclusive paper which is printed in vibrant high-quality color using the OKI Pro8432WT, white toner printer.

Bundled together with the incredible Hotronix® line of heat presses and the best expertise in the industry. The Digital Heat FX™ brand is allowing designers to express their creativity while making more money in transfers than ever before!


Also, the professionals here at Digital HeatFx™ have more experience with the OKI proColor® white toner printers, both the OKI Pro920WT and the OKI Pro8432WT (now shipping!), than any other group in the Americas.

We have been constantly improving and developing our Laser EZ Peel papers for more than 3 years – that’s longer than these types of transfers have been available in the United States!


The first thing we noticed in working with the printer was that needing multiple papers for different substrates just wasn’t going to work for our customers. Imagine keeping 4 or 5 different papers in stock depending on what orders come in, keeping track of temps and times and which to use for what… all while running your business.

That’s not what our business startups and professional screen printers are looking for in full-color, short-run custom t-shirt transfer solution. And we have a LOT of experience in what our customers want and need because DHFX is part of ColDesi, a 45+ year old company that has helped 10s of thousands of apparel decorators launch and grow their businesses.


Our solution? Laser EZ Peel! you should read more about how easy it is to use this one-paper-fits-all solution here.


Your solution? Call Digital HeatFX – at ColDesi to find out what real expertise in custom T-shirt transfers and promotional products, real expertise in small business, real expertise with the OKI8432WT printer sounds like!

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