Making Foil Heat Transfers | Metallic and Neon Transfer Printing

This system offers you the versatility to create full color t-shirts and custom hard surface goods. And that’s what all of our customers do, of course. BUT, our EZ Peel Metallic and Neon Papers offer you a unique opportunity to get more attention and make more money in addition to full color custom t-shirts.

Let’s break down some numbers.

Foil Heat Transfer T-Shirts for Sale

After a quick online search on websites like Etsy, custom t-shirts with metallic or neon detailing are retailing anywhere from $15 to $35.  

AND these shirts are not really custom the way a white toner printer owner would think about it. 

Most t-shirt sellers we found limit customers to “your text here” applications. Those types of “designs” don’t command the same pricing as a something like a neon or metallic design would.

So comfortably let’s say you can retail custom metallic and neon t-shirts for at least $25 each.

Foil Heat Transfer T-Shirts – Costs to Produce

One HUGE Metallic or Neon Foil transfer cost: $3.90

Now, each 11”x17” transfer sheet costs about $3.90 each. (available in boxes of 100 pcs) Normally that size paper will produce TWO standard 8×10” designs. We love the full sheet transfers though, so that’s what you see in our video! And we’ll use that in our example as well.

One PREMIUM blank black t-shirt cost: $4.78

The better the quality shirt, the better the image and happier your customer will be. For all of our sample shirts we send out and for this project we used a District Perfect Weight Tee (DT104).

This is a premium 100% cotton t-shirt that can be found on for $4.78 a piece. Just like you can offer 8X10 neon designs that only cost $1.95/image, you can find lower quality blank shirts for ½ this cost if that’s what you want.


Total Cost of Goods = $6.73

This means with the t-shirt and paper costs it will cost you about $6.73 to make each custom metallic or neon t-shirt.

How much can I make selling Foil Transfer T-Shirt designs?

The DigitalHeat FX System based on the OKI pro8432WT is FAST. Each shirt is only under the heat press for about 3 minute’s total.

Revenues per Hour: $300

Even with cooling time and set up considered, you can comfortably produce 12 shirts an hour using the products listed above.

Sale price: $25.00

By retailing each custom metallic or neon shirt at $25 a piece you can make $300 in just one hour!

Revenues per hour: 12 shirts per hour X $25.00/shirt = $300.00

Materials Costs per Hour: $67.30

Remember, our cost of the transfer paper + the blank t-shirt is $6.73.

So,12 shirts is going to cost you about $67.30 in materials.

12 shirts per hour X $6.73/per shirt = $67.30

Profit per Hour: $232.70

After subtracting the cost of goods you are able to put $232.70 in your pocket for just ONE HOUR OF WORK!

Foil Transfer Printer Return on Investment

Here’s the fun math on making metallic and neon transfers:

With an average financing price of $242 a month for our DigitalHeat FX Basic Package you can ALMOST make your payments by selling just 12 t-shirts a month.

Everything after that is pure profit!

More about Foil Transfer Supplies:

The sheets come in 100 pack of our 11×17 EZ Peel Gold Metallic Paper or EZ Peel Orange Neon Paper [like you see in the picture] is available on Colman and Company for $389.95.

Metallic Transfer Sheets:

Neon Transfer Sheets:

But you can also start with this sample kit, where you’ll get a nice mix of everything you can inspire your customers with: Metallic and Neon Sample Kit

The versatility of the DigitalHeat FX System is unmatched. Live chat one of our pros today to get started or call 855-348-4839

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