White Toner Transfer Printers | Model Review & Comparison

Are you looking to get into the t-shirt transfer business? This video is for you. Check us out as we compare the Oki Pro8432wt white toner transfer printer and the all-new DigitalHeatFX i550 printer.

Both of these are awesome for your t-shirt business. If you are currently working with HTV Vinyl, then this is the next upgrade you have to make.

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The Oki Pro8432:
– CMYW Printer
– Tabloid Transfer Media
– 9 Tabloid Pages per minute
– 2-year warranty

DigitalHeat FX i550
– CMYW Printer with optional Black
– Includes Print Optimizer & SmartCut
– Lower cost of entry

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Transfers made with EZ Peel paper can be heat applied to all types of materials and substrates. You can print on light and dark colored t-shirts (from white to black).

The transfers will also adhere to hard substrates too. We have heat applied to wood, metal, glass, cork and tons of other substrates. This is better than sublimation because you aren’t stuck using materials with specific coatings or buying from a dye sublimation wholesaler.

If you are looking to buy a t-shirt transfer printer then give one of our pros a call 855-348-4839 or visit https://digitalheatfx.com to learn more about the transfer printing business and the right equipment and package for your business.

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