How to Start a Business with White Toner Printers

The DigitalHeat FX System’s white toner transfers are a great way to start a custom t-shirt business.

These transfers are versatile and easy to use. They can be applied to almost anything in just a few easy steps.

First print your graphic using the print optimizer software. This comes with your white toner printer and is part of the DigitalHeat FX Bundle.

If you are using the premium EZ Peel 2-step paper your next step is to adhere the polymer to the toner. Now you have a t-shirt transfer that can go on cotton, polyester, nylon and more!

Heat press the transfer onto the t-shirt and then once cooled you can remove the carrier sheet.

To give this shirt a nice matte finish you will use a finishing sheet. We love the flexible finishing sheet for the final press of white toner printer transfers because it gives it a more textured look.

Now to start a business, just like anything else you will need some supplies. But when you purchase a DigitalHeat FX Bundle from ColDesi, you have the opportunity to get everything you need to start your white toner printer business.

This includes a heat press like our Hotronix Fusion IQ, transfer paper, software, finishing sheets, and more! Some bundles even include our recommended products, like the flexible finishing sheet and ice packs.

All the blank clothing you will need to get started is available on

The best part is that you can earn points while shopping your business supplies and blanks and redeems them for rewards, like coupons and free stuff!

To learn more about starting a business with white toner transfers, live chat with our pros!