DigitalHeat FX + Bling | Creating Gift Bundles

Do you know what happens when you offer your customers more? They buy more from YOU!

Here’s the reality, people are buying custom apparel and products and if they aren’t buying it from you they are buying it from someone else.

Here’s a great example – that customer that’s buying logo polos for their employees. Where do you think they are getting logo mugs for the office? If you aren’t selling them they are getting them somewhere!

Well this same scenario works for clothing styles. Bling is hot right now. Spiritwear, cheer costumes, dance apparel little girls clothing, bridal party shirts, the list goes on. But then there is a time and place where bling isn’t appropriate or just won’t work for what you want to do!

That’s why a white toner printer and a pro spangle or spangle elite machine make the perfect business combination.

The Spangle Elite is like the Pro Spangle’s little sister. It has a more affordable startup cost, but does have a smaller design field and each color and punch size has to be changed manually.

Plus, like in this video it gives you the opportunity to make very unique clothing sets or bundles.

The sweat set and blanket package that we made in this video is great for holiday gifts but take this idea and expand it to other gifting occasions! Birthdays, graduations, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc.

So what’s a white toner transfer? With the DigitalHeat FX System the main power comes from the white toner printer. It prints out a full color transfer in seconds. Then you apply a polymer sheet to it that makes it a no weed, no cut transfers. Now it’s ready to be put on a t-shirt, sweatpants, blanket, cotton, polyester and tons more.

Then, what’s a spangle? A spangle is a flat holographic disk that has a strong glue that adheres to almost any fabric. It’s similar to a sequin, but has no hole and doesn’t get sewn on.

It’s super blingy, very light-weight and smooth! Perfect for kids, sleepwear and loungewear!

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