Comparing Oki White Toner Printers | Oki 9541 vs Oki 8432, vs i560


Digital HeatFX 8432

The Digital HeatFX 8432 is our flagship model and hands down the most popular. This printer leads the market with a large tabloid print size (11×17 inches) so you easily get double the size of i560.

This CMYW model has a beautiful assortment of colors and produce a composite black. With the white toner and and composite black you can print transfers for light or dark shirts just as you can with the other two models.

This unit can easily still fit on your desk space and easily function from a home office.

Toners in the 9432 model white toner printer are a little cheaper too. This model will cost around $7,000 -$10,000 with financing available and a 2-year on site warranty. 



Digital HeatFX 9541

The Digital HeatFX 9541 is the newest and most technologically advanced model on the market. This unit is by far the best printer available.

The large body allows the 9541 to have the largest print area at a whopping 13×19 inches. This large format size means can cover more jobs in less time than you would if you had printed them separately on smaller sheets. That makes this model an obvious time and money saver.

The 9541 is a remarkable 5 channel system meaning it houses the traditional CMYW and K (Black!). Having a CMYKW printer allows you to offer a wide range of deeper, richer colors. This also means that you would have better transitions of colors when you want to fade from one color to another.

This unit also offers a 2-year on-site warranty and would cost around $13,000 to $15,000 to get you up and running. Financing is also available.


Digital HeatFX i560

The Digital HeatFX i560 is the most compact model and is the best option for anyone needing a travel friendly white toner printer.

Consider if you are attending events or shows and want to print on the spot, with this unit you can do just that! The i560 is also the best budget friendly option. If your a Small business and on a tight budget, this may be the right choice for you.

With an A4 print size (approx the size of a standard sheet of paper) you can make full transfers or several left chest logos in just one print. Finally, the

Digital HeatFX i560 is the most versatile option if you want to offer various types of transfer media. With toners that easily switch out you can change from dye sublimation transfers, fluorescent colors that glow in a blacklight, to even a clear toner for certain projects.

With lots of add ons and the ability to use a smaller heat press, you get a lot of options with this particular CMYW model. To purchase you are looking within the range of $5,000-$7,000 and Financing is available.



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