DigitalHeat FX Live Webinar

Join Holly, Mark and more of the ColDesi team during our live webinar recording. Interacting with customers is one of our favorite things to do.

Watching white toner printers live in action is fascinating. The process of going from idea to t-shirt is quick and simple compared to other t-shirt production methods.

No liquid inks. No mess. No Weeding. Tons of colors.

This webinar also features two great things ColDesi offers our customers. 

  1. Blank Apparel – Take the stress and guess work out of which t-shirts to use.
  2. Coldesi-Graphics – Get all of your custom artwork created by our team of experts. No job is too hard. 

How we did this job:

  • Hand drew a graphic on a post-it note discussing the job with a customer.
  • Send a write-up and drawing to Coldesi-Graphics
  • Order blank t-shirts from Colman and Co. supply store.
  • Use the DigitalHeat FX and EZ Peel paper to create transfer with the graphic created.
  • Apply to a t-shirt using the Fusion Heat Press

Your custom t-shirt business has never been more worry-free. Talk to a pro at 855-348-4839 if you have questions or need a custom quote.

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