Print your own custom t-shirt transfers in full color and then add glitter vinyl with our cut n press vinyl cuter to create unique multi-media designs like the above video. 

Imagine the possibilites you can create during the holidays or for any custom event.  The trend carried on by the biggest names in fashion just happens to be well within the capabilities of DigitalHeatFX™ and the Digital HeatFX printers.

The same full color, digital quality t-shirt transfer that you produce with our Laser EZ Peel papers for cotton shirts, wood or koozies can just as easily be applied to Polyester, Cotton, and other performance fabrics. This is a t-shirt printing machine that is very versatile and easy to learn.

The video will show you step by step – watch it now and think of the possibilities for your business!  Or you can check out our FAQ page here.

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