Making Custom Mugs with DigitalHeat FX

Making custom mugs is easy with the DigitalHeat FX System

Did you know the DigitalHeat FX System prints transfers that can be pressed on a VARIETY of items?! Customize MORE than just apparel with a DigitalHeat FX System from ColDesi!

Mugs are one of the many hard surface items that a DigitalHeat FX transfer can be pressed on.

Here is how it’s done: 

  1. Adhere transfer from White Toner Printer onto mug using Heat Sensitive Tape.
  2. Wrap mug in flexible finishing sheet and place into mug press. 
  3. Once finished in heat press, let mug cool completely. Then, rip the transfer off of the mug. 
  4. Wrap mug in flexible finishing sheet again and place in mug press for a finishing press.

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