Getting Started with Digital HeatFX

Getting started in the custom t shirt business used to involve a big learning curve, a big empty space to do it in and a BIG investment to really do it right… but not anymore!

10 years ago

If you wanted to start your own custom apparel business or promotional products shop you would need to invest in screen printing equipment. The screen printing equipment investment wasn’t bad, but when you added the belt dryer, spray station and more importantly the sheer SPACE you would need to set up production you were spending about what you would pay for a good sized car before you printed your first shirt.

5 years ago

You would have had the option of getting a direct to garment printer instead of the screen printing set up. That technology gave you the ability to print 1 custom t shirt just as profitably as you printed 50, a big advantage over screen printing, BUT you also had to complete daily, weekly and monthly maintenance to avoid disaster AND still needed some outside space to do your “pretreat” spraying of the t shirts before printing. All for around $20,000.

3 years ago

You could have started with the new white toner printers and solved most of the problems of screen printing and direct to garment printing. You would have solved the space problem, and most of the mess issue that you would have had with screen printing, gotten the same kind of profitability on the 1 to 50 full color custom t shirt prints as direct to garment printing and avoided all the maintenance and clean up inherent in both of those older technologies. BUT you would have had new problems; different papers to use for just about every application, potential wash-ability issues and as much as 30% wastage.


With the DigitalHeat FX System, those last drawbacks of the white toner printer from 3 years ago are gone.
Gone and solved for a system cost of ½ the cost of direct to garment or screen printing!


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Design

Bring your Idea to Life

You can create a design in any graphics application you like; CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, literally anything that you can print from on a Windows computer. OR, you can simply use your customer’s vector art design or clipart to bring THEIR idea to life.

Step 2: Print

Yes, just print.

There are no screens to create, no darkrooms.  You simply load the design up into the specialized RIP (Raster Image Processor) software and specify which queue to use.  You can preprocess the design in your favorite software – whatever you use – or use the RIP.

Step 3: Heat Press

It’s all in the pressing.

You take the image you printed on the Laser EZ Peel “A” Paper and combine it with the “B” paper using your heat press. Easy. Then you can either press it right onto a garment, or bag, or jacket, etc. OR you can send it to a client that has their own heat press to apply to a shirt and use for THEIR business – wholesale. Easy. Stuff.

When you’re done printing for the day, you are done for the day. No messy inks to clean up, no maintenance to do, no screens to wash. You’re done. You spent your time making money, not making a mess.

Unlike 3 years ago with the white toner printer technology, you’re not going to waste 30% of you papers or 30% of your time. DigitalHeatFX™ has spent the last 2 years not just developing our exclusive Laser EZ Peel papers, but also the techniques and the know how to print on just about ANYTHING. That’s why getting started is so easy, because our technology is ready, or training and support are ready, the only question is…

Our Flagship Model

PRO 8432WT Printer



There’s no one that knows more about how to get the most and MAKE the most out of the OKI920WT White Toner Printer and DigitalHeat FX i550 printer – that’s why we created the Laser EZ Peel Papers! ONE paper for everything – t shirts, darks, lights, polyester, promotional products, nylon – just load the printer and go.

OKI 8432WT PRINTER and DigitalHeat FX i550

The best thing about a white toner printer, paired with the right DigitalHeatFX papers, is the ability to print beautiful, vibrant images on dark material. Perfect for starting a custom t shirt business, promotional products business or for fulfilling that unique niche that YOU have discovered. Learn more from the Pros here at DigitalHeatFX!


Not all heat presses are made the same – and not all are appropriate for t shirt transfers – and not all heat presses are the Hotronix Fusion! We specially selected the Fusion to pair with our DigitalHeat FX papers and equipment bundles because it will give you the most consistent results for the widest variety of substrates – heat press more things better!