I560 Bling Bundle | White Toner Transfers + Spangles

It isn’t EXACTLY a secret. But unless you’re dealing with someone here at ColDesi about a DigitalHeat FX printer no one is going to tell you.

They’re not going to tell you about how you can more than double your custom t-shirt business success.

Or how to shorten your startup phase and get to earning money faster.

And they’re not going to let you in on the sheer profits that you can add to every sale.

Because unless you’re a part of the ColDesi family, there’s just no one out there that KNOWS.

Full Color Custom T-shirt Printing | iColor i560

You came here looking for a way to put your full color ideas onto a blank t-shirt, right?

Coasters, backpacks and even coffee mugs may be on you future product list too, but making custom t-shirts is the basis for just about any new customization business.

The DigitalHeat FX i560 is great choice! Hundreds of people just like you have looked at the what it can do, how much it costs and the financing options and have jumped in with both feet.

The i560 is a compact white toner printer that allows you to make custom t-shirts and more in a very small space. This DigitalHeat FX model prints on an A4 size transfer sheet, which is about 8.5” x 11”.

But because you’re getting the printer from ColDesi you get things NOONE else does:

There’s more though. ColDesi isn’t just a white toner printer dealer. We’re a customization equipment company.

So we know embroidery, UV printing, direct to garment printing, print/cut, sublimation, and… BLING.

Dog Shelter Bling Bandana

Not Just PRINTING T-Shirts

How does the ColDesi family of customers do better in the custom t-shirt business? Just like we described above: Shortening the startup phase and increase profit potential RIGHT AWAY?

By guiding you to start with more than one technology. More than just ONE way to make money in custom apparel.

You will become an expert in making custom t-shirts with the DigitalHeat FX i560. So you’ll attract people interested in getting custom t-shirts made.

Right now, you probably intend to get your customers by talking to friends and family or taking advantage of your connections at work or schools in the area.

Let’s say you heard about a new food spot in your area that served the best XYZ sandwich in town. You’re hungry, so you go there for lunch.

Do you just buy a sandwich? No chips? No drink?

You didn’t bring anyone else who decides to order something different?

Your potential customers are THE SAME WAY. 

They’re going to hear about your business. See your work on a t-shirt. But that’s not everything they would buy if they had the opportunity.

A coke and a completely different meal for their friend are real possibilities.

Your Opportunity in Spangles

If you’ve been anywhere at all, you’ve seen bling shirts.

In the stands at High School football or soccer games you’ve seen sparkly Soccer Mom and Football Mom tees.

Walking around the mall you’ve probably seen major retailers sell rhinestone and sequin decorated ladies’ apparel for ridiculous amounts of money.

Maybe you’ve even bought a $50 warm up jacket for your teenaged athlete because it had a blinged school mascot on the back.

The way that almost every version of the clothing above is decorated is with a t-shirt transfer. Just like the one you will make with your i560, but with BLING instead of toner!

Custom Bling T-shirts | SpangleElite

The SpangleElite is a compact bling transfer machine. Really the iColor i560 version of the bling world.

Just like the DigitalHeat FX i560, it’s a product that’s unique to ColDesi. Which gives people that are part of the ColDesi family some big advantages.

But first, creating a custom bling shirt with the SpangleElite has some similarities to making a white toner transfer:

1. You create your design
2. Edit it using special software

3. Output the design onto a transfer

4. Heat press it onto a shirt

When you send a design to the SpangleElite it applies an incredibly colorful and “blingy” holographic circle onto a transfer sheet. It’s just like a sequin, but without the hole in the middle.

You can switch out the holographic color cartridges to make 2 and 3 color designs too!

The end result is something beautiful, bright and eye catching. You can show off a great spangle shirt in a room full of people and we can guarantee the “ooh” and “ahs”.

And that everyone that sees it will want to touch it too. Part of the appeal of a spangle shirt is that you can’t even feel it. Perfectly smooth.

It will also last as long as the shirt itself will!

Why Do BOTH SpangleElite and DigitalHeat FX i560

There are really 2 things that startups sometimes struggle with:

1. Getting those first customers

2. Making every sale count

You will get more customers by showing more very different things.

That new sandwich shop we described earlier doesn’t just sell sandwiches, right?

They sell other things – even Subway sells pizza in some shops – because:

While you’re staring up with both the i560 and SpangleElite you’ll have those same advantages:

We’ve Seen this Over and Over

We’re not guessing at this.

The most successful companies in the ColDesi family of customers have more than 1 thing.

Toner printer + Bling Machine

Embroidery + Toner Printer

DTG + Vinyl Cutter

Print/Cut + UV Printer

And every other combination.

The beauty of the DigitalHeatFX i560 + SpangleElite bundle is that you can get BOTH for the same cost as 1 of some of those other machines!

Talk to someone at ColDesi today about giving yourself a better chance at big business!

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