Comparing OKI White Toner Printers for Commercial and Enterprise Businesses

The Opportunity in Custom Apparel

Real World Numbers from Custom T-Shirt Businesses

A positive outlook on growth and very high margins are what we found when we compiled data from the 3 best sources in the industry.

1. National Business Media – publishers of 3 top magazines in custom apparel and promotional products industries. Host of national tradeshows.

2. SGIA – Specialty Graphics Inst. of America. The trade association for graphics producers in signs, apparel and more. 

3. ColDesi, Inc. – We surveyed our extensive customer base of local custom apparel businesses. And got some very encouraging results.

Comparison of ADVANTAGES by Printer

image of the steps of digital heat fx machines

Digital HeatFX OKI 9541 ADVANTAGES


  • Vibrant, Beautiful Colors– Having a 5 color toner system to make custom graphics is huge advantage over 4 color systems. The Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black AND White toner color set give you more colors than any other transfer system – it’s amazing!
  • Up to 13″ X 19″ Transfers – that’s very, very BIG. Perfect for 2 things: 1. Making lots of small designs at the same time and 2. Making super XL prints for larger shirts. 
  • Low Cost of Entry and High ROI – enough toner to print thousands of images come WITH the printer. Easily make $16-$25 per finished shirt.
  • No Maintenance Equipment – no daily or weekly maintenance required like on and liquid ink printer. You can use it all day every day or not at all and have it will fire up and print the first time you turn it back on. 
okidata white toner printer 9541 model

DigitalHeat FX 9541 White Toner Transfer Printer

Printer with Heat Press – MSRP $16,245

Most of our customers make a minimum of $10 profit per shirt, so the system cash flows at 30 – 35 shirt sales per month

business owners that bought a white toner printer

Digital HeatFX OKI 8432 Advantages


  • Smaller Footprint – Compact Table Top Design mean it takes up the same space as any small color laser printer – but has a much BIGGER IMPACT 17.67″ x 21.73″ x 14.17″ 
  • Up to 11″ X 17″ Transfers – Means you can not only print over-sized designs, but fit up to 20 left chest logos onto ONE transfer sheet
  • Lowest Cost of Entry -The 8432WT is very well priced. Bundles including a heat press are available.
  • Reliability – this model has more installations, users, and products in the field than any other. That means that this is the most TESTED white toner printer in the world. 

DigitalHeat FX 8432 White Toner Printer

Printer with Heat Press – MSRP $10,995

Most of our customers make a minimum of $10 profit per shirt, so the system cash flows at 30 – 35 shirt sales per month

okidata 8432 white toner printer

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“I did my homework for a year or more, researching techniques, companies, printers, etc.. And let me tell you, I hit the jackpot deciding to work with ColDesi!” - Susan Numan

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