DigitalHeat FX Return On Investment

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Custom T-Shirt Transfer? With DigitalHeat FX White Toner Printers Easy answer?   Less than $.17 or $1.92… This is one of those questions we get asked every day but is hard to answer without going into details. Often this question is answered with other questions like: How big […]

OKI 9541, OKI 8432, i560 Comparison

dfx compare

Digital HeatFX 8432 The Digital HeatFX 8432 is our flagship model and hands down the most popular. This printer leads the market with a large tabloid print size (11×17 inches) so you easily get double the size of i560. This CMYW model has a beautiful assortment of colors and produce a composite black. With the […]

Slogan T-Shirts | Making Your Own T-Shirts For Serious $$$

guy with a slogan on his shirt

Making Your Own Custom Slogan T-Shirts Keeping an eye on what’s trending in the world is important in the custom apparel business, and slogan t-shirts are becoming more and more popular as social media has grown.  With the advent of white toner printers and huge return on investment they can bring it’s no surprise. Specifically, you may want to […]

Custom Made T-Shirt With DigitalHeat FX & Cut n Press System

make custom holiday transfer shirts

Print your own custom t-shirt transfers in full color and then add glitter vinyl with our cut n press vinyl cuter to create unique multi-media designs like the above video. Imagine the possibilites you can create during the holidays or for any custom event.  The trend carried on by the biggest names in fashion just […]

Create Your Own Fitness Brand

custom shorts and fitness clothing

Custom Fitness Wear isn’t just for on the field or the court anymore, it’s a well-developed fashion trend. What that’s done to the apparel decorating market and custom t-shirt businesses all over the country is making printing on 100% polyester and other wicking materials a must. The trend carried on by the biggest names in […]

Print T-Shirts at Home With Digital HeatFX System

guy applying t-shirt transfers

Starting a custom t-shirt business is more than finding the right equipment. It’s also getting professional support and training so you’re business is running at its fullest potential. DigitalHeat FX knows a thing or two about running a successful t-shirt business and we pass on that knowledge to you. The first step is choosing the right printer. […]

Custom T-Shirt Business Market Growth & Potential

Is now the right time to expand into the custom t-shirt market? 29.3% of businesses surveyed had growth of at least 15% in their custom garment decorating businesses. That is a powerful number to consider. Nearly 1/3 of all of the businesses had a 15% or more growth rate. But what about the other 70%? […]