Making custom coolers as a promotional product and selling them as an addition to your custom t shirt business is a great idea for several reasons:

It is EASY to Print on Coolers if you have the Right Recipe

That’s the big secret… that if you are already using a Digital HeatFX™ system made up of the OKI920WT White Toner Printer, the high-quality Fusion heat press, and our Laser EZ Peel t-shirt transfer papers, you already have everything you need to add custom coolers to your business!

All you need to take those same full-color digital t-shirt transfers you already create every day and follow the instructions on the video below to get great results applying them to a cooler. Time, temperature and pressure are the secret ingredients.

How to Make a Custom Cooler | Digital HeatFX from Johnny Emb on Vimeo.

Built in Customers – Built in Profits

You’ll make more money off of existing customers.. and that’s the easiest way to increase your bottom line. If you are already in the custom t-shirt or t-shirt transfer business you must have customers that print shirts for family reunions, corporate events or charities – and every one of them has built in prospects for custom coolers.

It’s simple to find wholesale coolers for $5 or less and because of their smaller size, you can fit 5-10 designs on a SINGLE sheet of Laser EZ Peel which means you’ll be paying less than $2 for the transfer. That’s just $7.00 total cost! Even VistaPrint charges almost $20, so that’s at least a $13 profit for each.

The next time someone orders custom t-shirts from you ask if they’d be interested in a custom cooler with the same graphic on it and watch your profits RISE.

Become a Promotional Products Business – Not Just T Shirts

Offering just one additional item, like a custom cooler in addition to custom t-shirts can open up a whole new world of opportunity and help you make the most of your Digital HeatFX system.

You don’t have to purchase any more hardware, no more software. .you’ll be using the same Laser EZ Peel or EZ Metallic or EZ Neon papers to print on coolers.. and the gains can be significant.

Once you offer something outside the norm your customers, present, and future will think of more things they can use you for; printing on table cloths, displays, wedding items, banners, wooden signage. All those things become a potential part of your business and the customer now knows that you are a solution provider, not just a t-shirt business.



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