T-Shirt Transfer Paper Comparison

Gone are the days when you had to go through a complex, messy screen printing process to get good full-color t-shirt transfers.

When DigitalHeatFX first started researching creating our own Laser EZ Peel t-shirt transfer papers we started with our 45 years of experience in the custom apparel business and intimate knowledge of what it takes to start, grow and expand one into a new area – like printing custom tees.

We first identified the problems with the papers and processes in the marketplace and refined them down to just ONE cause that we could address that would fundamentally change the way people use t-shirt transfers and the printers that create them, like the Okidata 920wt or the Okidata 8432wt.

Too Many Papers

As you can see from the chart below, the other brands on the market use specific paper or backing or processes to imprint an image depending on the substrate. You have to match the paper type to the item you’re going to produce. If you are using one of these brands you will need to make sure that you use the right paper for the material.

It doesn’t seem difficult to do, but this is a primary cause of the up to 30% wastage that was reported to us during our research. The wrong paper is used for the job so you print dozens of transfers that you cannot use, OR you don’t notice they’re the wrong ones until you start pressing the t shirt transfers onto shirts and they don’t look right or adhere properly, OR you actually deliver a job to a customer who complains when the images wash off the shirts.

Waste and mistakes aren’t the only drawback to too many papers. You also must keep inventory for every substrate – garment or object – you want to be able to print on. Inventory costs go up or you end up overnighting the correct paper for a job, which is very expensive.

Heat Transfer Paper Comparison

Laser EZ Peel 

The solution we came up with is called Laser EZ Peel, and it’s an actual one-stop-shop for transfer papers used in white toner printers. With Laser EZ Peel the material you’re going to print on literally does not matter. Simply create the image you want to print, print your transfer and proceed through the marrying step just like you would with any paper.

Once your transfer is made, THEN you can design what kind of garment or promotional product to print with it.

Reduced inventory, versatility, ease of use – all built into Laser EZ Peel!

If you are using an OKI920WT or the newer OKI8432WT Laser Printer with White Toner to make custom t-shirt transfers or promotional products, the best choice of papers is clear – just click here to purchase or, if you’re just getting started in the custom apparel business click here to learn more about doing business with DigitalHeatFX.


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